Alt-country, Americana, indie rock. It's what we do...

Mermaid Avenue are a Brisbane/Meanjin based band, formed in 2015 around the songwriting of Peter Clarke and current members Mike Kearey, Chris Wong, Casey Lee, Nathan Poetschka and Mark Egan. Our music travels the backroads from Americana to indie rock, with a few slight detours along the way.

We are prolific songwriters and are always releasing new music into the wild. You can hear it on most of the major platforms, and almost all of the minor ones. 

Our latest album, 'Loveday No. 9', has just been released. 


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'Loveday No. 9' - the title track from our new album drops today  

'Loveday No. 9' is the title track from our third album (which is being released later this year). Despite the upbeat, quirky nature of the music, the song is about Pete Clarke's Italian grandfather, Alfie, who emigrated to Australia pre-WWII to escape the rise of fascism in his own country. After the second world war started, a combination of paranoia and xenophobia in Australia saw Italian ex-pats like Alfie consigned to internment camps for suspicion of being 'Nazi sympathisers' . Alfie spent 4 years in…

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