'Loveday No. 9' - the title track from our new album drops today 

'Loveday No. 9' is the title track from our third album (which is being released later this year). Despite the upbeat, quirky nature of the music, the song is about Pete Clarke's Italian grandfather, Alfie, who emigrated to Australia pre-WWII to escape the rise of fascism in his own country. After the second world war started, a combination of paranoia and xenophobia in Australia saw Italian ex-pats like Alfie consigned to internment camps for suspicion of being 'Nazi sympathisers' . Alfie spent 4 years in the camp, known as Loveday Camp No. 9, despite the fact that he had fought as an ally in WW1. 


You can listen to LD#9 on all the major platforms.