The Story so Far...

Mermaid Avenue are back and continue to mix indie rock and alt-country with a healthy dose of 90’s classicism and Oz rock swagger on their latest album 'Sugartown'. 

The album commences with a slide-driven country rocker, 'Turn the Page', that examines the impact of infidelity on long term relationships and asks if there is a way forward.  

As the opener on the album, 'Turn the Page' sets the tone for the tracks that follow, taking audiences on another journey through the cycle of a relationship: the good, the bad, and the ugly. Turn the Page was selected as a finalist in Blues and Roots Radio's International Song of the Year 2021. 

If ‘Turn the Page’ is a demonstration of what’s to come on the album ‘Sugartown’ and from Mermaid Avenue’s future catalogue then I say follow Mermaid Avenue..' Jenny Syratt, Araminta's Attic 

The second single from the album, 'Philosophy', continues to look at relationships, this time the frustration felt when a much loved family member moves half way around the world. It features a brilliant guest vocal from Pepper Jane and delivers an uptempo insight into sibling relationships. Philosophy was a finalist in 2021's Unsigned Only Global Song Competition.

The band change gears into a yacht rock feel with the romantic ballad 'California', the albums third release. Laid back and dreamy, this tune recalls the California of stage and screen and sings it a wistful lovelorn lullaby. 

"Brisbane, Australia's Mermaid Avenue deliver a dreamy bit of Alt-Country yacht rock on their wistful escape fantasy "California"." Static Dive Magazine 

Still cruising in love song mode Mermaid Avenue served up 'Old with You' as the fourth single from the album. A song that looks at what happens in a relationship when it all goes right and you see your entire lives out together.   

As they often do, the band changed gears back into rock territory with the fifth release from the album. 'Don't Settle for the Pain' is almost an anthemic in it's scope as the narrator implores his son to learn from the father's mistakes.

"The possible breadth of this song’s appeal is immense. Listeners old and young alike will find some basis to relate to the lyrics or else understand the enormity of the experience" Gary Williams, The National Post UK

'Prisoner', the sixth single, is another anthemic rock song that examines a heart held hostage. Featuring a rich wall of  sound, the song is a sonic heartbeat about devotion. 

"This track has got everything you want to hear. Incredible multipart harmonies, a soaring slide, killer guitar solos, incredible lyrics about the human condition. It’s all here, and it’s glorious." Lauren Katulka, Sounds of Oz

"I like this single. It reminds me of the Rolling Stones when they wanted to be Gram Parsons; it has all the reaching for the sky trying to shake hands with God quality: The kind of song Primal Scream have attempted many times but not quite got there."  Brian Shea, Monolith Cocktail Music Blog

"I hear that there is a new album coming out...I've got a feeling you are going to love it. By then perhaps Mermaid Avenue will be poised to claim their place next to their incredible Aussie predecessorsJoe Kidd, Clouzine 

The sessions for 'Sugartown' began in late 2020 and continued over the course of 2021 at The Barn Recording Studio in the Lockyer Valley. The album was engineered by Steve Robin and mixing duties shared with iconic Australian producer Lachlan 'magoo' Goold and Jason Millhouse from Recordworx.  

Mermaid Avenue's music is available for streaming via Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud and Bandcamp. The debut CD is available for purchase at CDbaby store. 





This tune by Mermaid Avenue is filled with such emotions and passion through its melodic grit, tellable lyrics, and soft yet firey soundscape. If you are a fan of such bands as Wilco, Drive-By Truckers, REM, Tom Petty, Powderfinger, then you will love 'Don’t Settle for the Pain'.” - Amy Braun


Brisbane’s Mermaid Avenue have been releasing music for a number of years now, and in that time they’ve developed an incredibly endearing sound that few bands can pull off.”

— Happy Mag