The Story so Far...

Mermaid Avenue were formed in 2015 around the songwriting of Peter Clarke.  Originally a four-piece, the band has since expanded to six, delivering what Scenestr Magazine described as '.. a fluid brand of indie rock, country-rock to alt country, indie folk, and bluesy Americana.'

The music is a rich tapestry of acoustic and electric guitars, lap and pedal steel, keyboards, piano and vocal harmonies all supported by a tight, experienced rhythm section.  Songs can range from simple acoustic tunes to straight out rock, and all points in between. Each song is delivered as it should be, each musician serving the song rather than their own egos.    

The band have released two albums ('Temptation and Half the Truth' (2018) and 'Sugartown' (2022)) that have been warmly received by critics and listeners alike. Songs from both albums have been finalists in global songwriting competitions (including Blues and Roots Radio's International Song of the Year in 2019 and 2021) and the band's music will soon be featured as part of the soundtrack of the yet to be released Australian movie 'Hero'.  

Greg Tuck of BDJ Sessions described their recent live performance on his channel as 'Mermaid Avenue have got something that a lot of bands struggle to achieve. Cohesion... They have amassed a set of tunes that are well thought out and yet seem natural.

Check the Reviews section of this site to see what the critics have said about the music we create and then maybe head over to The Pool Room to see how our music fares out in the world.   

The band's new album 'Loveday No. 9' is due for release in mid 2023.