The Story so Far...

Mermaid Avenue continue to mix their indie rock and with a healthy dose of 90’s classicism and oz rock swagger on their new single 'Turn the Page'. 

A slide-driven country rocker, 'Turn the Page' examines the impact of infidelity on long term relationships and asks if there is a way forward.  

As the opener on their upcoming second album ('Sugartown, due September 2021), 'Turn the Page' sets the tone for the tracks that follow, taking audiences on another journey through the cycle of a relationship: the good, the bad, and the ugly. 

‘If ‘Turn the Page’ is a demonstration of what’s to come on the album ‘Sugartown’ and from Mermaid Avenue’s future catalogue then I say follow Mermaid Avenue and bookmark September 2021' (Araminta's Attic 2021) 

Since first cutting their teeth live in 2015, Mermaid Avenue have become a regular feature on the Brisbane scene driven by the prolific songwriting of singer Peter Clarke and musicianship of Mike Kearey (guitars), Chris Wong (guitars), Mark Egan (bass), Casey Lee (keys) and Anthony Judd (drums). 

The sessions for 'Sugartown' began in late 2020 and continued over the course of 2021 at The Barn Recording Studio in the Lockyer Valley. The album was engineered by Steve Robin and mixing duties shared with iconic Australian producer Lachlan 'magoo' Goold.  

‘Turn the Page’ is now available  for streaming via Spotify, Applemusic and Bandcamp. CD is available for purchase at CDbaby store.